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April 18, 2019
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May 1, 2019
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CAR WASH: This Saturday is our Car Wash and Pancake Breakfast! Its always a great time working with your friends, we have snacks and music, water fights and lots of fun! But, You must be here BY 7:00 AM, I will be here at 6:30 Do not be late! Remember, if you are not early, you’re late. Also at that time, you can turn in any remaining car wash money, we will tabulate the final totals and award the top sellers their PRIZES!

We will several jobs to get right to work on such as setting up tables, coffee serving stuff for the Pancake part, and lots of setting up outside. We need to get hoses out, cones set up, water and soap buckets filled and lots more. PLEASE BRING A JUNK TOWEL OR 2 FOR DRYING CARS

Come ready to work, and most likely get wet, so dress appropriately. We will wash all cars in line by 11:30, then clean up. You can go home when we are all cleaned up and stuff and tables put away, usually around 1:00 but sooner if we are fast and work as a team.

MEETING THIS SUNDAY Sunday 3:00-8:00 is our Mandatory Vacation Bible School for Belize meeting. Bring money for dinner as you will have time to go get some. This is where we create all the nuts and bolts of our VBS while in Belize. It very important that you are here for this. Bring a notebook, you will need it.

Also On Sunday, $300 PAYMENT #3 is due, as well as any past due payments. You will also need to turn in your Auction Procurement Items and Donation Slips. Be sure you have this stuff ready when you arrive on Sunday OR YOU MAY RISK LOSING YOUR PLACE ON THE TRIP, unless you have spoken with me or a leader.

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