April 25, 2019
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Auction and Belize Flights

Don’t forget to tell your parents their friends to come! They can get tickets at the door! You all have worked so hard to get to this point, and we are all very proud of you… this is where it all goes down. Have them come to support you!

  1. Auction Set Up Saturday 9:45– I know that things keep changing- we are able to set up on Saturday now, which we need to do- having the extra time is needed. Come to church by 9:45am- we will be loading up stuff and heading down to the Cove, also some will be doing some food prep and docorating. Stay as long as you are able… we need your help. Depending on how things go, the arrival time on Sunday may change, so keep Sunday afternoon open. 3:30-nighttime.
  2. Auction at the Cove- Sunday May 19th 3:30PM DO NOT BE LATE! until we are done: Come dressed up in your Medieval Costume, think- knights, monks, damsels, kings, queens, jesters, archers,wizards, or horses (somebody brought that up) if you cant do that, guys wear real nice clothes, girls wear real nice clothes too, Make a paper cone princess hat! or come a knight! auction starts at 6:00, your parents, family, and friends are coming right?
  3. June 9th Belize Commissioning 10:15 at Sunday Church 2nd service
    and final wrap-up meeting (service starts at 10:30) parents encouraged to attend Meet in the Youth Room by 10:15 this is where the Church commissions and sends you as missionaries to work on behalf of the Church and Jesus to serve in Belize. Wear Church clothes.  Final $300 Payment Due
  4. June 30th- if we need to have a additional meeting, if a whole bunch of students can’t seem to get their paperwork/minor to travel forms filled out, and you need extra time preparing for the VBS we will have a meeting 6:00PM here. TIME TO BE CONFIRMED

FLIGHT INFO AS FOLLOWS Arrive at airport at 5:00PM

 With:  Notarized Parent/ Consent Form

*if you are a minor, you will not be allowed to travel without this notarized form, filled out be both parents/ legal guardians.

Get Parent Consent for Minor to Travel Form Here

Arrive at American Airlines Seatac at 5:00

Depart Seattle: American Airlines #1471 Wednesday July 10th 8:24PM

Return to Seattle: American Airlines #2394 Friday July 19th 12:31AM

I’ll post more detailed/updated flight info as we get closer… departure and arrival times have already changed a few times.

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