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July 29, 2012
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SF 2012 Day 2 recap

[h2]Day 2:[/h2]

It all started quite early with us getting up and out of Grace Presbyterian Church before their church services started.  We all got up (some more enthusiastically than others), packed up, cleaned up and were out by 7:30 am.  We headed to a litte “park area” in Weed to eat some breakfast before heading into San Francisco.

We gassed up, used the restroom, drove, stopped to use the restroom, and drove some more.  We ended up stopping at an In-N-Out Burger for lunch.  The debate raged on about which was better, Dicks or In-N-Out.  We were not able to come to a consensus.

We pulled into San Francisco around 2:00 pm or so.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was also the day of the San Francisco Marathon, which added to the people out and about.  We were able to spend a bit of time down at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  We all had some fun with all the sights, sounds and colors down at the Wharf.  You can check out a bit of it:



We piled, and I mean we piled…I hadn’t been that packed into public transportation since I was in Africa riding a Matatu,  into a trolley type bus and headed back to our vans.  We then headed to our housing site and off to dinner and our prayer tour, which was our evening activity.

We ate at a restaurant called Naan and Curry which was Indian/Pakistan.  The food was terrific, and I think most people tried something new.  I can’t say everyone loved it, but some loved it a lot.  After dinner, we spent the evening driving around San Francisco on a prayer tour, where we learned about the different neighborhoods in the city, learned about the struggles and challenges they face, and we spent some time praying for them.  We started at Civic Center, and worked around.  We stopped up at Coit Tower, North Beach, 6th Street(skid row), the Tenderloin, China Town and many others. It was eye-opening and the kids did a great job engaging with the activity.

Today we are serving at the San Francisco food bank, going on a City Search, and perhaps some ice cream will be in our future…

Thanks for your prayers!

If you are interested in seeing more of the images get em out on our flickr.



  1. Joy Fenton says:

    This is Savanna Ryan’s mom: hope you all are doing well and learning what this wonderful city is about as well as seeing how many people need help and love!
    Be safe and enjoy this experience!

    Much love, Joy

  2. Jennifer Z says:

    Glad you all survived the road trip! Sounds like an you’re having an awesome adventure. Dave, thanks for your effort in the blogs and twitter – it is really fun to be able to follow along. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the week…

  3. Marsha says:

    Thanks for the posts! Hope you’re enjoying all the cup holders in my van – discovered Jeff’s car does not have even one cupholder!
    Say hi to Stevo for me!

  4. bigd says:

    Hey Big D… Big D…. BigD DDD Big D Big D Hey Big D… Big D…. BigD DDD Big D Big D
    Hey Big D… Big D…. BigD DDD Big D Big D

    Be good boy…

    Big D.

  5. Dave says:

    Hey Marsha…Jeff says in the middle console up towards the dash there is a button or bar you need to press, and two, not one, but two cup holders will pop out.

  6. Torque says:

    We love the posts and video. We are praying for you. Tell Allison that I’m missing my breakfast buddy this week and I’d like to place an order for in-and-out when you come back through…a double-double please.

  7. Marsha says:

    Found the cup holders – thanks! I’ll make it through the week now!

  8. All Other Hohimers says:

    Sending Hohimer Love to Jack!
    Thanks for the videos and posts. We like following along.

  9. All Other Hohimers says:

    Missing all the Jr. High help at VBS this week but the High Schoolers are doing great with the 97 kids we had today! Holly Tomlinson and Hudson can probably relate to Cody and Josh…though they were covered more with water than sand. Go JK Students everywhere!!! Your willingness to serve and share God’s love makes a difference!

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