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August 7, 2014
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August 16, 2014
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San Francisco: the final report

I am tempted to tell you all the things we did today, but the reality is that if you read the precious posts you will see what we did today. The serving groups may have changed, but the ministry has been basically the same. We have rotated each day. (You definitely should ask your student what they did, what they learned, and give them time to unpack it all).

What I do want to tell you is that we have amazing kids. Of course they are not perfect, sometimes they can be selfish and irritating, but they are really amazing. I wish you could have seen they ways they engaged with the service and ministry. They played and loved children who don’t get that in their day to day lives. They filled shampoo bottles, sorted clothes and books for the Salvation Army. They passed out food to homeless men and women and sat with them and spoke with them while treating them like equal humans. They did all of this and more while never complaining. They were a joy to lead and a lit of fun to be with.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Eugene, where we will spend time together putting the final bow on the week. We should be home Saturday around 1:00. Be sure to check our twitter feed for updated times as we get closer.


  1. Traci Buxton says:

    Tons of hugs to miss Brooke!!

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