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August 8, 2017
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August 10, 2017
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Portland Day 2 | We Ain’t Gonna Let The Heat Cook Us

Day 2 started off a little slower than yesterday, and by that I mean not everyone was up early. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues over the next two days. One trend that will continue is the heat. The weather yesterday morning was refreshing, but that would change as the day progressed and the heatwave in Portland would try to get us. Also, there isn’t a fan to be had in the entire city, and our housing has no airflow, but no one except perhaps myself is complaining about the heat.

Kids Club:

Once again we were out at Shepherd’s Door for our kids’ club. With one day under our belt, we had a better idea of what to expect and after rearranging a bit of the schedule, we had a bit more success. The preschool kids still haven’t wanted to play any organized games, unless you count “fighting” as a game. We were, however, definitely better prepared to handle the kids yesterday. I think our students began to see the kids good qualities as well as developing some empathy for them and their situations. They are doing a good job of running the program, but they are doing a better job at loving the kids, which is the most important thing that they can be doing.


Let the stretching commence. Yesterday, we made two lunches, one for ourselves and one for someone we would meet on the street. We went down to the waterfront along the Willamette and looked for people we could pass out a lunch to. We were not simply to pass out lunch, but try to sit, eat, and converse with them. We walked around in four different groups. Each group was able to meet, eat, and talk with someone living on the streets. I probably don’t need to remind you that this is not the type of activity we normally do, and this activity definitely stretched us, but it proved to be very eye-opening and meaningful for just about everyone.

Tavia and Elijah make some friends

Big boxes of food that need sorting into smaller boxes:

After lunch, we headed out to the Clark County Food Bank. We worked in their warehouse sorting food from a recent food drive into smaller boxes to be distributed out to the organizations that will pass out the food. We repackaged over 3,000 pounds of food in about 2 hours. We were moving, sorting, boxing, and loading like students on a mission. Everyone worked hard, and we left knowing that we were able to be helpful to an organization that would then, in turn, use our work to help others. We may be a small group, but we are mighty.

We spent the evening playing games, getting milk shakes, telling jokes, laughing, and enjoying each other. Today will be filled with kids club, and a lot more homeless ministry as we will partner with Union Gospel Mission in their homeless services this afternoon.

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  1. Linda Farnsworth says:

    It’s great to get a glimpse of these guys out there. Great programming, thank you!

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