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August 4, 2015
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August 6, 2015
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Portland 2015 | The Tuesday Edition

Tuesday was a good day.  We are settling into our routine of life and ministry together.  We are finding our groove.  Here are a few words and pictures of Tuesday:


SG1 again spent the morning at UGM where they helped the Mission serve the homeless.  Clothing, food, cleaning etc… The one difference from yesterday was the coffee cart.  UGM has a cart they load up with coffee, gatorade, pastries and whatnot.  That cart then goes out (with the help of volunteers) into the parks and streets to serve anyone who wants/needs it.  The group that pushed the cart met and served so many people as they pushed the cart to the elephant park to set up shop.  They had the chance to interact with many people, many who were very grateful.  Some were very talkative, and others not so much.  Some talked non-sense, some offered us their spiritual wisdom, and some just blessed us for our service.  One woman offered us the follow advice:

  • Don’t have sex with boys or girls
  • listen to you mom and dad
  • do your f*%king homework (crude I know, but these are the streets and these were her words)
  • go to church
  • give the Lord your time

Straight to the point.

One of the things that stands out to me from UGM is how grateful the men are for our meager help.  They genuinely appreciate our service and it shows in every interaction we have with these men (all of whom are at various stages of the Life Change Program).

SG2 once again spent their morning at St. Andre Bessette.  The students all loved what they did yesterday so much, that they wanted to do the exact same jobs again on Tuesday.  The group did an awesome job serving and learning the value of service.  It is so fun to see our students serving alongside the regular (more “seasoned”) volunteers at St. A-B and to see the joy they have serving together.

After serving at UGM, SG1 headed downtown to eat their lunches.  The twist was that everyone had two lunches and our mission was to give one lunch away and to eat our lunch with the person we gave our 2nd lunch to.  Everyone was able to eat lunch with someone and to learn their stories a bit.  Two people told us that they were just praying to God for food when we showed up with lunch.  It was a really cool, comfort-zone stretching experience.

After their lunch, SG2 went to the waterfront and passed our water bottles and socks.  They were able to actually pray with a man who asked for prayer after receiving socks and water.  It’s not every day that we pray with people we just meet…although maybe it should be.

In the afternoon, both groups went to do ministry with kids;  SG1 to Prairie View Apartments (where half the 911 calls in Vancouver originate from) and SG2 went to the UGM Women’s and Children’s Shelter.  Everyone did a great job playing various games, sports and hanging out with kids.  At the UGM Women’s Shelter, there might have been some baby holding going on as well.

We spent our evening eating, debriefing, playing games and trying not to kill Rikke (you will have to ask her about potato ball sometime).

Tuesday was a good day


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  1. Kevin says:

    Sid – Your Uncle Dan (Mom’s Uncle) said that what God really wants us to know is that He’s very fond of us. Out of that restful and filled place I hope you enjoy your expression of His fondness for all the people you meet. It’s fun to see the wacky stuff y’all get to do.

    Try not to kill Rikke. Dave?… well, you’d better lay off him…you need a ride home. Otherwise I’d say, “go ahead.”

    Love Dad

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