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August 2, 2015
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August 5, 2015
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Portland 2015 | The Day After the Arrival

Monday. It’s the end of a long day and I find myself tired from lack of sleep and from constant moving, going and doing all day.  Each yawn points to a day of service to others. I am tired, but it is a good tired.  I know that the other leaders all feel the same thing.  The students on the other hand seem to have limitless energy and go.  It’s part of their charm really.

Monday was a good day.  It all started with breakfast.

After breakfast, we huddled up for a time of devotions and quiet time before starting our various ministry and serving.  Micah 6:8 is the main scripture we are looking at this week.  We are asking ourselves: “What does it look like to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God?”  Such a simple command on the surface, but extremely difficult to live out.

After quiet time both groups (SG1 and SG2 affectionately known at D.B.T. and The A Team respectively) headed out to their morning ministry sites.

SG1 went back to UGM to serve in their day room and to help wherever was needed.  We had groups working in the clothing room where they got to pass out clothing to those needing new threads.  We had a few students who cut and served pastries and we had a group helping sort and hang clothes to be used in the clothing room.  During the morning, we also helped doing whatever else needed to be done.  We helped stock the soda fridge, haul food in, sweep and clean the sidewalks, clean the receiving garage.  Our students did a great job jumping in and serving without any complaints.  They really did a great job.

After we left the mission, we headed toward Pioneer Square to eat lunch, and observe the culture of the city.  We did get to witness an impromptu street performance by a self proclaimed 69 year old Indian man…He was having a great day. Keep Portland Weird.

After lunch, we were supposed to head into Vancouver to a low income apartment complex to run a little sports camp for the kids there.  Unfortunately, there was a communication error and we were not able to do that.  We showed our flexibility by heading down to the waterfront, where we walked around and passed out hygiene kits and fresh socks (a big commodity in the homeless community) to those who needed them  We used this opportunity to try and talk with people.  All in all a good experience and a blessing for those who needed the socks and hygiene kits.

SG2 went down to St. Andre Bessette where they did much the same as the first serving group did at UGM.  They broke into smaller groups and some served coffee, some served pastries and hot breakfast, some washed dishes and some passed out hygiene kits.  Jim worked in the clothing bank as St. A-B requires 18+ to work in the clothing bank (don’t know why, but Jim definitely qualifies).  The group really worked well together and served hard.  One of our students was touched by the overall sense of gratitude that the clients showed.  It can be eye-opening to see how thankful people are for things we often take for granted.  Jim and Rikke both say that their time at St. A-B was a really solid experience.

After lunch SG2 headed down to the UGM women’s and children’s shelter, where they spent the afternoon playing games with the kids in the shelter.  These are not the easiest kids to connect with and serve (as you can only imagine being in their circumstance), but as the day wore on, the kids from the shelter began to warm up to us.  Our students kept at it and didn’t give up.  They kept at it and since they will be there all week, they are expecting each day to get better and better.

Our evening was spent eating dinner, debriefing playing games, sports and getting snacks and ice cream.  All in all it has been a great day, and we are looking forward to more tomorrow (or today when you read this)

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Thanks for your prayers, we certainly appreciate it.  Until tomorrow…

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