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July 28, 2015
Portland 2015 | The Day After the Arrival
August 4, 2015
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Portland 2015 | The Arrival

Desmond Praying for the group

Let’s just say that the drive from Seattle to Portland is significantly shorter and easier than driving to San Francisco. I don’t mean to state the obvious for any reason than to say that our trip down was short, easy and uneventful.  Everything you’d hope for in road trip.

We arrived at our housing site (Our housing is really an ideal situation.  We get to stay in dorms, have plenty of space to move, play and congregate) around 4:15pm.  We got unpacked, got settled in and had some dinner. After eating lasagna, salad and garlic bread, we headed down to the Union Gospel Mission for our orientation.

At the mission, we met a man named Desmond, who ended up being the highlight of our night. Desmond is a Hawaiin man who grew up immersed in drugs, alcohol, abandonment and violence. He is currently in the Life Change program at the mission.  He shared with us his journey, what he’s been through, how he ended up in Portland and most importantly how Christ is radically changing his life.  Over the years of serving with Kaleo and UGM, I have had the privilege of meeting several men in the Life Change program, and I am always blessed by their stories and the transformation in their lives.  Desmond was no exception. He gave our students some good advice and good things to think about regarding their futures.  We prayed for him, and he prayed for us (in Hawaiian, which was really cool).

Desmond Praying for the group

Desmond Praying for the group

When we finished up our evening by breaking into our service groups to talk about today and the various ministries we will be participating with throughout the day.  These service groups will our groups for the week.

Service Groups

Group 1

Leaders: Terri H, Rebekah C, Dave R


  • Max H
  • Michael S
  • Justus D-N
  • Sidney J
  • Hannah F
  • Sarah S
  • Cosette C
  • Denae W
  •  Chloe J
Group 2

Leaders: Jim D, Rikke C


  • Joseph A
  • Connor E
  • Josh C
  • Cody P
  • Cole M
  • Sarah W
  • Sara G
  • Jessie M
  • Mia B

It was quite chilly in the UGM meeting room:



If you’d like to leave a message for the group or for your student specifically,  I will read them (exactly as you write them) to the group at dinner each night.


  1. Renee says:

    Josh : suntan lotion Connor : Hair cutt 🙂

  2. Darcy Peterson says:

    So So Proud of you all. The difference you are making to those hearts you touch is extremely Powerful.
    The Inspiration to those children, Men in Need, etc. by just being your wonderful selves is magnetic.
    The light you are shining is brilliant.
    Love and Hugs. Besito Cody!

  3. Larry says:

    Cosette: Praying for you each day that you will be enriched and inspired by God’s love. Here’s a quote from one of my mentors: “Our word, our gentle gesture, our presence… is medicine”—Craig Rennebohm

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