Hey Parents!

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1Do we have to go to John Knox to be part of your program?
You do not have to attend John Knox Church to participate in our ministry. Our program is open to all students in grades 7-12 regardless of their church affiliation or background. Having said that, John Knox is a great church, and if you do not have a home church, we would love to have you visit John Knox and consider making it your families home church.
2Are there any costs involved to be part of JK Students?
Our weekly programs do not cost anything. They are completely free. We occasionally have events for trips that might incur some cost. We will communicate those with you when they occur.
3Who runs JK Students?
JK Students is led by Dave Roberts and by a great team of volunteer leaders. Dave has been in youth ministry for the past 22 years and has been at John Knox for the past 14 years. If you want to contact Dave, he can be reached at dave@jkpcusa.org
4Who are the other adults involved in the program?
Our adult leaders are the lifeblood of our ministry. They are simply the best! They give their time because they love students and want to see the very best for them in their lives. We would encourage you to get to know them. They would love to connect with you. We take our leaders seriously, and our leaders take this ministry seriously. Every leader in our ministry had been carefully selected and submits to a national background check.
5Will my student grow in their faith?
We hope so. This would be one of those things that we would want for your student, more than just about anything. Having said that, it is hard to say if your student will grow in his or her faith. Every student is an individual, and there is no formula for Christian growth. We do however provide the ingredients that I believe are necessary for growth to happen. We have small group opportunities, worship opportunities, camp opportunities, service opportunities, relationships with leaders, weekly opportunities to talk about and show how God is alive and working in our lives. It is our desire to compliment what you are doing to help your student grow, and to provide the tools necessary to allow for growth. Your student will have the chance to go as deep with their faith as they want to. We will do our best to encourage them to take their faith to the next level.
6Will my student be safe?
We know that when you release your student into our care that we have been given a huge responsibility. The safety of your student is a high priority for us. We want your student to be safe, whether the activity is a game, or a bike trip, or we are serving meals to the homeless. While everything has some inherent risk (walking down the stairs, eating cafeteria food) we do our best to minimize those risks. We maintain a good student to staff ratio. We provide training for all staff. We pick our activities carefully. We want your student to stay and be safe at all times.

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