Jr. High School Ministry

You won't find us on no dollar menu

We think Jr. Highers are awesome!

We seriously think that Junior High students are awesome. We aren't just saying that for some website, we actually believe it! We believe that you are entering some of the most important times of your life. We also think that you are entering what will be two of the most fun years at church. You read that right...the most fun!! Check out the awesome stuff we have for you at John Knox and get involved. You will laugh, learn, grow and have a blast doing it.

Welcome to the family junior

The Programs



The X

The X is our midweek youth group for you and all your friends. We meet on Tuesday nights throughout the school year. We do all kinds of crazy, fun stuff. We also talk about God and how he loves you and how through Him, you can have the best kind of life possible. The X is filled with laughter, food, fun, crazy games, great leaders, God, and so much more. God is not boring, and neither is the X!

Foundations Sunday AM

Want to grow deeper in your faith? Want to learn more? Have questions you are uncertain of? If you do, then our Sunday morning Foundations Class is just what you need. We often have doughnuts, sometimes hot biscuits, and always a time to open the Bible, to learn more and to grow. You will have to think a little during this class, but we believe you are more than capable of it. We spend one year going through the entire Bible and the second year learning the important things we believe as Christians.

Summer Things

When summer hits, we change gears! We do a lot more activities...just to change it up. From ice blocking, to M's games, to river rafting, to mission trips, our summer's are full of great stuff. Summer's at JK Students are the best!

Other Things

Did we mention that we love Junior High students? Did we mention that we want you to be part of us? Did we mention that we want you to bring your friends? Did we mention that God loves you? Did we mention that junior high stuff with JK Students is the best? I guess we just did!!