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May 6, 2015
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Important Auction Details

The auction is coming this Sunday May 17th

Here are some very important details that you need to know, and do:

Auction Setup

  • Set up is May 16th, starting at 9:00am and going until we are finished.  We will be setting up and decorating the entire atrium and fellowship hall.  If you have been on this trip in the years past, our setup and decorations will be a little more involved than last year, but with the number of students we have, we should still be able to get it all done in the morning.

Auction Items

  • You will bring your items to Auction setup. 
  • You need to make your items and baskets look their best.  Ask your mom for help, if you need it.
  • If your item is a gift card, you still need to create a display for those gift cards.  For gift cards, keep it to an 8.5×11 size.  These displays will help draw people’s attention to the table and the items.  Make sure the display is sturdy and can stand up in our stands (see picture below)
  • If your item is not something tangible, like babysitting, guided hikes, etc…you must create a display for that item.  It is important that you make the displays as nice as possible, as they will draw in and encourage them to bid.
  • If your item has a value of $300.00 or higher, please talk to Dave before making a display, as your item might be a “live” auction item.
  • If you are offering a service, like baby sitting, please also create a gift certificate that people can take with them when they leave.
  • We have lots of these wooden stands that you can use to support your displays.


Auction Day

  • You need to be at church at 4:30pm.  Clear your schedules!! 
  • It would be helpful to eat something before you come.  We might have extra food, but the guests will be our priority
  • You need to either be dressed nicely, or with a pirate theme…totally your call, but pirates are really cool and would be awesome…just saying.
  • Nice means nice! No jeans, no shorts, no hoochie wear, nothing short, nothing low cut.
  • I need at least two students who have gone in the past to share at the auction for 5 minutes about what the trip has meant to you.  If you would be willing to share, please let me know.  I can coach you on what to say if you are willing.
  • You need to bring a nice desert for 8.  By nice, I mean something good, something that doesn’t need to be unwrapped (Twinkies) to eat.
  • On auction day, you will each be given a job.  Come prepared to serve and work
  • No one is dismissed from the auction until we are finished.  Plan on being there until at least 9:30.


  • If you have any questions, don’t risk thinking you can figure it out, please ask me!
  • If you end up with a question, please ask.

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  1. Janie Lemley says:

    I understand we need to sign up for the auction. I plan on attending. Dave will be gone.
    Janie Lemley

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