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July 12, 2013
July 15, 2013
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Humidity Can’t Stop Us, (or life in Belize day 2)

Greetings to everyone from Orange Walk, Belize!

Ministry Update:

Canakas current houseThis morning was a full morning, filled with concrete!  Our group is too large to be be serving with only one church.  Because of our size, we are serving at two local churches.  Both groups did a concrete pour this morning.  The group that is serving at El Buen Pastor, poured a concrete floor for a Honduran immigrant family.  They are very poor, and living in unsafe conditions. The picture above is their current house.  I actually met this family last year on our trip, and pastor Angel asked us if there was anything we could do to help their current home.  After surveying the situation, it was very obvious that nothing could be done.  I suggested then, that perhaps they could start something on another section of their land.  This is exactly what they did.  The church, the family and John Knox all pitched in to help.  They started construction last January, and little by little they raised the walls.  They were able bring the house up to the roof line, and with some money that we raised for our trip, they were able to get what was needed to finish.  We are doing that finishing work.  We poured their concrete slab today, and in our final two work days, we will be installing and painting doors and windows.  The Canakas family from Honduras will have a safe, clean, new home because of the partnership formed between John Knox and El Buen Pastor church.

The other group poured the concrete floor for Fe Y Amor church, the other church that we are working with this year.  They have been wanting to have Sunday school room, a place where they could teach the children of their community about Jesus.  They had started construction, but stalled due to lack of finances.  The last time they were able to make any progress was 8 years ago.  for 8 years, this building sat.  Today, they now have a floor, they have plastered and painted walls.  They will soon have windows and doors.  Soon, the children will have a place to learn about Jesus.  The pastor Santos Lamos, a quiet, older man from Guatemala can hardly believe that his prayers have been answered after 8 years.

Life Update:

Life in Belize has been good for the most part.  We have been getting sleep, enjoying some time to hang out as a community, play games, laugh, tell stories, etc… We have eaten well.  Belizean food is delicious, and our students are really developing a taste for hot sauce. We have a one or two minor stomach aches, but for the most part we are all doing great health wise.  We have really livable sleeping quarters, with bathrooms attached.  It’s really pretty nice.

We also have been spending time in worship and learning about how to be a disciple of Jesus.  We were able to worship on the roof of the church last night, as the church itself was way too hot.

Weather Update:

We just had our first bit of rain, and it cooled things down considerably.  It is now 73% with 99% humidity.  It is supposed to be back up in the 80’s in just a bit, but the rain was a welcome relief.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be back in the 90’s with 90 + humidity.  A heat index of 115 is predicted.


Tomorrow is our day of rest.  We will be taking a boat up the New River to Lamanai where we will be exploring the Mayan ruins.  This is part of our cultural experience.  We will return in time to participate in church.  Our students will be sharing testimonies, leading in worship, and I will be preaching a sermon (sorry, it won’t be podcasted…)

I probably won’t post tomorrow, due to our excursion, and I probably wont have anything extra to share.  I will try to post next week with more stories and information about our trip.


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  1. Larry Clum says:

    Great job, guys! I love the thought of worshiping on the roof! Praying for the trip to be a great blessing for all involved.

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