Day 3: We came to serve
August 5, 2014
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August 7, 2014
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Day 4: Serving all over again

Well, we did it again.

Another full day of service, ministry and fun.

SG1 spent their morning at the San Francisco Food Bank, where they sorted and repackaged pasta for distribution.  A lot of this team felt this was a highlight for them because they could see a tangible difference made.  After the food bank, they hung out at Grace Cathedral where they walked the labyrinth.  The group then went to Haight Ashbury where they looked to “meet a need” for $20.00.  They bought a some water bottles, dog food and plastic bowls for some homeless.  The group found it difficult to start conversations with homeless people, but were able to successfully do so with a bit of persistence and effort.  They did a great job!

SG2 spent the morning at St Vincent’s Day Home, where they played with children in different classrooms.  Some of the group loved their time at the preschool, and a few found it difficult to connect with kids.  It is interesting to see how God has wired us differently and how our gifts and strengths can be used in different ways.  After the morning, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge where they walked across and prayed for the city.  This was definitely a highlight of the day.

SG3 spent the morning learning about Korea town before heading into Richmond (the city where Coach Cater took place).  They helped a ministry that works with at risk kids.  The group prepared at skit and bible story for the children.  Again, this was a highlight for our group, although some found it frustrating that the children weren’t listening to their bible story (a bit ironic…).

We ended up eating dinner (gyros and falafels) at Aquatic Park  and then went to Ghiradelli Square for ice cream and chocolate.

We are looking forward to another day of service tomorrow, with the exception that tomorrow night is our free night, and we are going to a Modesto Nuts (the Colorado Rockies class A affiliate) game…it should be interesting…we will keep you posted.

Here are some of the images (click on an image to start slideshow):

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