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July 23, 2013
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July 30, 2013
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Building community, road trips, and Jesus (or we have arrived in Portland)

kacieWhat does eating sugary snacks, falling asleep, singing overly loud, ingesting a bug or two, laughing, playing go fish all have in common?

If you answered. “They are all things that happen on a road trip”, then you’d be absolutely correct.  There is something about a road trip, even a short one to Portland, that really helps create memories.  After hitting the road, all the above things happened at some point on the short drive to Portland.  At the end of the day (why do things always happen at the end of the day?  Why don’t we say, “in the middle of the day?” but I digress), our drive was just what you would want, easy, safe, quick and uneventful. We arrived in PDX, unpacked, got to know the Kaleo staff a bit, and then enjoyed dinner.  We had Lasagna (they even had a cheese one), salad, bread.

After dinner, we did an opening exercise.  The group was divided into two groups, and each group was given different instructions, without knowing what they other groups were doing.  One group was instructed to go out to the fence, and stay connected to it.  They loved the fence and wanted to be connected to it.  If they left the fence, they could return if they wanted.  The other group was further divided into two groups, both were told to try to get the fence lovers off the fence.  One group was instructed that they had to try to do this without touching any of the fence lovers.  These were the only instructions given.  Nothing about motives, what they fence was etc… The game was then on.  It was interesting to watch the fence lovers trying to deal with an onslaught of people trying to get them off the fence, sometimes by force.  There was quite a bit of really good discussion afterwards about the exercise.  The fence lovers felt violated, suspicious of non-fencers, confused etc… Many non-fencers admitted to not even caring how they got the people off the fence, just so long as they did.  This of course prompted good discussion.  The fence lovers almost unanimously believed the fence represented something good, and the non-fencers felt the opposite.  We talked about serving & loving people with an agenda, and how we don’t want to do that.  It was interesting and good to watch our students thoughtfully process and connect the exercise to our trip.

After our exercise, we played some ultimate frisbee, hung out a bit, before we met to talk though our own personal content theme for the week. Jeff N. shared some scripture about community.  That is our theme for today.  We talked about building a community together, seeing one another for more than our dominate interests (music, computers, crazy, loud, quiet etc…) and that all of us together make up the body of Christ.  Jeff B will talking more about community this morning during devotions.

We start serving today.  One group (the Jeff’s) will be going to lead a VBS for a family shelter.  The other group will be serving at a different family shelter doing some work in their intake center.  Both are going to the Real LIfe exhibit tonight.  There will be much more tomorrow.

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Now it’s “time to serve, time to get swole!”


  1. Theraddestserboutthere says:

    Have y’all seen any Oprah gear around? (Oprah = Ducks)

  2. Marla says:

    Sleeping like a baby. I miss her! Kacie, you all should be very proud of the work that you are doing! I am so proud of you.

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