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Building Blocks Series | Revelation: God Speaks | Extra Materials

Tonight we started a brand new series called Building Blocks, where we will examine the building blocks that make up the Christian faith.  Our first block was on the scriptures, and it was called Revelation: God Speaks.

There is much more that could have been covered tonight than what we had time for, so I wanted to give a few resources dealing with how we know that the Bible is accurate and hasn’t been changed.  This is a common thought that is held by many skeptics.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t done any research into the matter; they just assume the Bible has been changed or heard it from someone or worse, read it in the comment section of a blog or YouTube.

This is from an article about this very subject:

Some people think that the Bible was written in one language, translated to another language, then translated into yet another and so on until it was finally translated into the English. The complaint is that since it was rewritten so many times in different languages throughout history, it must have become corrupted. The “telephone” analogy is often used as an illustration. It goes like this. One person tells another person a sentence who then tells another person, who tells yet another, and so on and so on until the last person hears a sentence that has little or nothing to do with the original one. The only problem with this analogy is that it doesn’t fit the Bible at all.

The above quote is from an article titled “Hasn’t the Bible been rewritten so many times that we can’t trust it?”  It’s a long title, but you should check out the article.

The other article you might find helpful deals with manuscript corruptions that get reproduced…in other words, if I make a mistake in my copying of the Bible, and lots of people copy that error, eventually the Bible will be full of mistakes and untrustworthy.  Here is that article.

I believe that any thinking and reasoning person can see that the Bible is trustworthy and what we have in our Bible is what was originally written.  This information, of course, can’t make you like everything in the Bible, or believe it to be true, that is a different matter altogether, but when you read the Bible, what you are reading is what was originally written.

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