Belize 2019

Building on the Legacy!

Our Belize Journey

Eleven years ago, JK Students were looking for a new summer mission trip opportunity. We weren't interested in just finding some cool place to serve so we could have an experience we could keep in a box somewhere but rather for a place and people we could partner with in ministry. We wanted the ministry and mission to have a significant impact, not only on us but on the people we serve alongside. After prayer and some internet searching, we came across Thirst Missions. It didn't take long to realize that we have the same goals as Thirst, who helped us get our partnership with El Buen Pastor Church in Orange Walk, Belize set up and running. We have served alongside this church for the past eleven years and also started a new partnership with Orange Walk Baptist Church that we are excited about.

Our ministry in Orange Walk has been significant and important. We have learned a lot, gained brothers and sisters, improved living conditions, taught the Bible to children, worshiped, played, laughed, painted, crafted, sweated, mixed a ton of cement, and had an absolute blast doing it.

For many of our students, Belize is their home away from home, a place where God speaks and love is expressed. We are excited about the next steps of this journey.

Let's continue the legacy!

Questions you might Have

1Is the trip safe?
During our seven trips and the countless trips that Thirst has led, there has never been once a significant issue with safety. This is from their website.

Belize is a Democracy and is safe and stable from a government perspective.

Belizeans look up to and admire Americans. We have found that they naturally take care of people from North America and very much watch over our mission teams.

Tourism, particularly on the cayes, is a part of their economy. So they take pride in the safety of foreigners.

We travel in groups at all times, we sleep in the same building, and safety in numbers is a big safety factor.


We partner with local churches who watch out for our group. People from the church and community we partner with watch over us. They would be devastated if something happened to one of us. We are family and honored guests while we are there.

We have Belizeans on our staff who are with the group during the whole trip. They have knowledge and experience in Belizean safety precautions and know the country very well.

Our staff members have Belizean cell phones on them, know where the nearest hospitals are, and have plans in place for unique circumstances.

All members on the trip have our Belizean trip leaders cell phone number in the unlikely case they would be separated from the group.

We travel by bus, with a professional bus driver. We also have a Thirst Mission vehicle with each group in case there is a need for quick transportation to the nearest doctor or hospital.

We rarely travel at night, if there is a risky time of day, it would be after dark.
2What about housing, food, water etc...?
All of our housing, food and water are all taken care of by Thirst Missions. The cooks have all been trained in proper food handling, and there is always plenty of filtered water available.

Thirst also provides our housing. We sleep at a school down the street from the church. We also hire a night watchman to make sure no one enters the property at night.
3Do you need to be a member of John Knox to go?
You do not need to be a member of John Knox to attend this trip or be involved in any aspect of our ministry. We do ask that each student makes a commitment to being involved in our ministry if they want to go on this trip. Our ministry is bigger than Belize, and we don't just want students who want to go to Belize and not be part of the other great aspects of our programs.
4Are Scholarships available?
We understand that sometimes money can be difficult. While we try our best to keep the cost as low as possible, we know that amount can be too much for some families. We never want money to be a reason to not attend a trip of this nature, so we do offer scholarships.

If you need to discuss scholarships, please contact our Youth Pastor

Note: We might ask that students receiving scholarships do extra fundraising to help offset the cost.

Belize 2019 Timeline

  • 2019January

    27 Parent Meeting-Contracts Available
  • 2019February

    20 Contracts Due
    (due: $300 non-refundable deposit)
  • 2019February

    25 Prep Meeting #1 6:00PM-8:30PM
  • 2019March

    17 Prep Meeting #2 6:00PM-8:30PM
    (due:Thirst Info Form, $300 payment #2)
  • 2019April

    14 Prep Meeting #3 6:00PM-8:30PM
    (due: Pancake Wash $, 7 support letters)
    27 Pancake Wash 7:00AM
    28 Prep Meeting #4 3:00PM-8:00PM
    (due: Auction Slips, $300.00 payment)
  • 2019May

    19 Auction/ Setup 3:30PM-9:300PM
  • 2019June

    9 Commissioning & Prep/Parent Wrap Up Meeting # 5 10:30AM-12:30PM
    (due: $300 Final Payment)
  • 2019June

    30 Final Prep Meeting (notary available with parents) TBD
  • 2019July

    11-18 BELIZE!