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Belize Commissioning 411

Belize is getting closer.  I know that you are getting excited and here is an important bit of information about our final meeting:

June 14th is our commissioning and final parent meeting.  It is an important Sunday because the entire church will be commissioning us to go to Belize.

This is what the morning will look like:

9:30 am– Arrive at John Knox-Meet in the Youth Center.  There will be a service already going on, so be aware of your noise level.

9:45 am– We will be going into the service to get commissioned.

10:15 am– We are having a short parent/student meeting to go over final details including our housing arrangements, spending money, packing lists, etc…

10:45 am 2nd service- we will attend the 2nd service and then be commissioned at the end of that service.

If you are missing forms or information, be sure to check out the post with all the documents for the trip:

Belize Documents

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