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Bay Area Mission Trip

13 years ago, JK Students were looking to start a new Jr. High mission trip. The previous year, we took our first ever Jr. High mission trip to Yakima. While that was a good experience, we knew we were ultimately looking for something a bit different. Our youth director, Dave Roberts had lead Jr. High students to San Francisco during his time at a another church. After looking into the possibility of doing the same thing here at John Knox, we decided to give a trip to San Francisco a shot

After our first week in San Francisco, we knew that this trip was a good fit for us. The organization we used The Center for Student Missions provided such a great run trip and experience for us, that we knew we'd be back! We have been going back with CSM every other year since.

This trip is a week of fun, ministry, service, adventure, growth, and memories. Many of our students point to their week in San Francisco as one of the best things they have ever done at church. If you have questions, take a look at our questions section or contact Dave and we'd be happy to get you the answers you need. We hope you consider joining us this summer as we will be all about

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Questions you might have about our trip

1Is the trip safe?
We take the safety of your student very seriously. While your student will be put in situations that will stretch them, they will not be put into dangerous situations.

Precautions we take to maintain safety

  • Students are never out and about without an adult. We don't let students wander the streets by themselves, ever!
  • When we do have downtime, students are restricted to the housing area or they will be with a leader. At. All. Times/
  • We have leaders with us from Kaleo Missions who know the neighborhoods, ministries, and the goings on. They make sure we are only in places that are safe for us to be.
  • Did we mention that students are not out and about without adult leaders?
  • We teach students how to act while out in public, and we expect them to act in a way that does not draw unnecessary attention to themselves.
2What organization do you use?
For our trip to Portland, we will be using the Kaleo Missions. We think that they do one of the best jobs in organizing and leading mission trips for Jr. High students anywhere. We have been using CSM off and on for the past 17 years.

Learn more about Kaleo Missons from their website

Kaleo Missions
3Do you need to be a member of John Knox to go?
You do not need to be a member of John Knox to attend this trip or be involved in any aspect of our ministry. We do ask that each student makes a commitment to being involved in our ministry if they want to go on this trip. Our ministry is bigger than this trip, and we don't just want students who want to go to Portland and not be part of the other great aspects of our programs.
4Are Scholarships available?
We understand that sometimes money can be difficult. While we try our best to keep the cost as low as possible, we know that amount can be too much for some families. We never want money to be a reason to not attend a trip of this nature, so we do offer scholarships.

If you need to discuss scholarships, please contact Pastor Jon Saur

Note: We might ask that students receiving scholarships do extra fundraising to help offset the cost.
5What kind of things will the students be doing?
Our students will be involved in a variety of activities and ministries. Some of the types of things they may do include:

  • Homeless Ministry
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Kids Ministry
  • Working with the Salvation Army
  • prayer tours
  • learning simulation activities
  • food banks
We don't always know exactly what we will be doing, but we know that it will be a variety of activities where we will serve, learn, and grow together.
6Is the trip fun?
Our primary task for this trip is to serve. We want our students to learn and grow in their faith through service to others. We also know that students need to have fun too, so while not our primary purpose, we do build in times and activities that are fun. We have gone to baseball games,, Fisherman's Wharf, and a bunch of other places. We love to laugh, goof around, and play games. Service in community, combined with fun activities and a fun road trip make for a trip that is fun and life giving.