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April 3, 2019
April 25, 2019
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Auction Items

Bring what you have and completed procurement forms to the Mandatory!! VBS Prep meeting Sunday April 28th we meet from 3:00-8:00

First off I wanted to say that you guys are all doing an amazing job getting all your tasks completed! I wanted to reach out just one more time and hopefully help clear up any questions you might have about auction items.

For this silent and live auction to come off as a huge success we need to have great items for folks to bid on… that’s where you come in. You guys are to provide those items, and you can get them from wherever you can. Either from local business, from your parents or family, or even from yourself. The more fun and valuable, the better!

Be sure you fill out the Auction Forms for all the items that you are bringing! This way we know the approximate value, and who to get the service from… maybe its you.

Example: if you are providing child care, fill out the Auction Procurement Form, you are the donor, name the service you are providing, describe what you will be offering (dinner, games, fun, hair braiding whatever), how many hours, the specifics. Fill you the Procurement Forms best you can for all items/baskets or groups of items

Ask local business for gift cards or certificates, ask friends and family for timeshares, vacations, cabin rentals, cool fun party things, fun experiences.

Do you have a home in cool location– offer to cook a meal for 8 (Whats the menu)

Ask parents for donated bottles of wine/ cases of beer

Airline Club room tickets

Ask coffee shops and restaurants, nail salons, barbers, spas for gift cards… help the fill the form out and get the items

Tutoring/Babysitting/Swimming Lessons/Piano or Guitar Lessons

Ethnic foods cooking stuff– sauces, noodles, drinks, spices from a particular part of the culinary world

Private swim lessons– be specific on what you are offering

Sounders/Mariners game tickets

Desert baskets– cooking pan, spatulas, cookbooks, cake/cookie mixes all materials, mixers

Spa day– candles, lotions, body wash, nail polish, face masks

dog sitting/walking- bathing and nails or pet boarding

golfing day, rounds of golf, golf balls, tees, towels etc.

coffee kit– assorted mugs and travel tumblers, coffee beans, coffee makers or french presses (ask a local coffee shop to donate this)

Date night- gift cards form local restaurants (just ask, they will donate gift cards)

summer planting basket– planting gloves, cool pots, hanging baskets, miracle grow, a kneeling pad for your knees and a few garden tools.

car detail kit– wash bucket, wash mits and sponges, car wash soap, air fresheners, tire shine/car interior cleaner, sunshade, mini car vacuum

wine and cheese kit– wine/bottle opener, cool cutting board, cheese board, cheese knives, meat knives, wine markers,

poker night kit– decks of cards, case of poker chips, drink glasses, poker playing mat, dealers visor(those hats with the clear green visor)

Maybe you have chickens and can provide eggs for a month or two

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