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A Journey through the Book of 1st Samuel

Hey awesome youth and parents! As you may or may not know this fall we are chronologically going through the book of 1st Sam with both the middle schoolers and high schoolers. If you’d like to follow along or talk about/read the stories we we are going through at home here is the schedule!

Reading Schedule:

Sept 10 — 1 Sam ch 1-3 God calls Samuel

Sept 17 — 1 Sam ch 8 Israel demands a King

Sept 24 — ch 9-10 Saul becomes 1st King of Israel

Oct 1 — 1 Sam ch 11-15 King Saul’s Rise and Fall

Oct 8 — 1 Sam ch 16 David anointed to be King

Oct 15 — 1 Sam ch 17 David and Goliath

Oct 22 — 1 Sam ch 18-20 Jonathan and David’s friendship

Oct 29 — 1 Sam ch 18-20 Saul’s jealousy and pride leads to madness

Nov 5 — 1 Sam ch 24 David spares Saul’s life

Nov 12 — 1 Sam ch 28 Saul summons the Witch of Endor

Nov 19 — 1 Sam ch 31 The death of King Saul and Jonathan

I recommend the Bible Project’s video summary on 1st Samuel as a great resource to watch to get a better feel for this exciting book!

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