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2014 San Francisco Trip Important Information

As our trip to San Francisco comes closer, we are getting excited as we put the final details together for what is going to be an incredible week of ministry, learning, serving & growth.  Of course there are a few things to take care of before we are ready to go, and I wanted to give you some important information.

Travel Information:

  • Departure– We will be leaving from John Knox on August 2nd 9:00am
  • We will be driving to Weed, CA and we will spend the night at Grace Presbyterian Church of Weed
  • We will then drive into San Francisco to start our trip.
  • Return- We will leave San Francisco on Friday morning August 8th and will drive to Eugene, Or and will spend the night at Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • We anticipate an arrival time back to Seattle around 2:00 pm on the August 9th.

Trip Specifics:

  • Spending money-This is not a shopping trip, and there will not be lots of places where money will be needed.  Your student will need money for 4 meals during travel.  We also will have one evening free, where they might have the opportunity to spend a little cash.  They will also be able to purchase trip t-shirts for $15.00.
  • Cell Phones and personal electronics-The use of cell phones and personal electronics will be strictly prohibited during the trip.  This includes travel.  Please do not bring them!
  • If you need to get a hold of us during the trip, my cell phone # is 206.931.6560
  • We will be posting daily updates on this web site, including pictures, videos and stories.  We encourage you to follow along, and pass it on to your loved ones so they can also follow along.  Also feel free to leave comments, and we will pass those onto your student.
  • You can follow along on intsagram and twitter: twitter.com/jkstudents instagram.com/jkstudents
  • sf-packing-list– Please follow the guidelines given in this packing list.

Additional Forms:

We need you to fill out the following forms and bring them with you on August 2nd-

If you have a question that I haven’t covered here, please contact me, droberts@jkpcusa.org

We are excited about this trip, and look forward to a great week!


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