Welcome to the student ministry of John Knox Church

"Shaping the lives of Jr & Sr High students
to lead lives that reveal God's grace"


When We Meet

Jr High Youth Group:
Tuesday 6:30-8:00 pm

Sr High Youth Group:
Wednesday 7:00-9:00 pm

Jr High Foundations Class:
Sunday 10:10-11:00am

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What We Value

JK Students shares the same values as John Knox Presbyterian Church. We also have some unique values that are important to us in the context of our ministry.

Our values are:

Truth | Purpose | Meaning | Community | Authenticity | Hope

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JK Students is a place where you will experience:



Jesus isn't boring, and neither should church! JK Students offers fun events, engaging ministries, transformative small groups and impactful mission trips designed to help students encounter Jesus.

We believe in having the most fun we can doing whatever it is that we are up to.



Life and faith aren't meant to be done alone. JK Students is a great place to connect with others on your journey, no matter what your starting point is. We hope you will see us as your second family, a place where you are known, loved and led.

Welcome to the JK Students family!



We get the joy of making a real difference in the world by being part of what God is already doing. JK Students serves in Belize, Portland, San Francisco and locally, providing opportunities tol help us see the world through God's eyes while experiencing love and joy that comes from serving others



You haven't arrived yet. We are sure that doesn't come as a surprise. JK Students is a great place where you can grow. You can grow in relationships, knowledge of God and most importantly your faith. It doesn't matter where you start, we will grow as we learn to follow Jesus together.

Recent News

July 8, 2019

Final Belize Information

Be Sure to have: Valid PASSPORT, and copy of passport just in case.  (valid at least 3 months after trip) Notarized- Consent for Minor to Travel […]
June 11, 2019

Color BBQ at Youth Group Tonight!

This is it! Last official youth group of the year Grab your crew and come have a BBQ at YG tonight and Knox. Meet in the […]
May 1, 2019

10:15 Belize Commissioning and Final Prep Meeting

June 9th- Belize Commissioning and Final Prep Meeting 10:15 Bring your Minor Travel Consent Form  This is where the Church commissions and sends you as missionaries […]

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